Monday, April 17, 2017

Organic Healing Salve

I Love making "Healing Salve" for my family to use. I like that I know that what's put into it is pure, natural AND Organic. First thing I do is put 1 cup of each herb in a quart jar, (List is below), then fill it with Virgin Olive Oil, enough to 
cover the herbs.  
Put a cover on each jar along with a piece of tape with the name of the herb. Let it "set" for SIX weeks. Also, you will need to place the date on the label for when the six weeks will be over, so you will know when it's time to make your salve. When the six week time is over place a strainer over a large bowl.
 Put a piece of cheese cloth or a cloth diaper over the strainer
And dump All of the oil infused herbs in the strainer and
And squeeze out as much of the infused oil as you possibly can. 
Each jar of herbs should produce
approximately 1 Cup of oil.
Each herb should be placed in individual jars measuring 1 cup each.
I'll post a list of each item that I add to enrich the salve with more healing properties.
I then add all of the other ingredients and get everything melted and mixed together. 
When I get all the different items melted together, I then pour it into small individual jars and let it set until it cools.
 I have some labels that I've made that I put on the lids of the salve. All of my family uses it. I love it cause I know what is put in it. 💞
Now......For the instructions.
1 Cup Mullein Oil
1 Cup Chickweed Oil
1 Cup Goldenseal Oil
1 Cup Comfrey Oil
1 Cup Jewel Weed Oil
1 Cup Plaintaine Oil
1--16oz. Jar Coconut Oil
2 ozs. Arnica Ointment
2 oz. Bottle Tea Tree Oil
1 Cup Aloe Vera Juice
1 Bottle Vitamin E Oil (2 ozs.)
1 Bottle Grape Seed Extract (remove the oil from the caplets and add the oil....but DON'T add the caplets)
1/4 lb. block of Bee's Wax (OR, for every ounce of oil, add 1 Tablespoon of grated beeswax)
Heat the oils, stirring constantly until the wax melts. Now pour the liquid into small wide-mouth jars and let cool. We use this salve for insect bites, diaper rash, minor wounds, burns, poison ivy. It helps moisturize, stops itching and eases pain. Let me know if you decide to try making your own. If you need to ask any questions, please feel free to ask. As always....Be Blessed. This is a sample of my Label. 💖

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