Monday, April 3, 2017

Tips on How to Make a House a Home

Home For Sale!!!!
WHAT?????? How can you sell your Home?
A home can NOT be sold. You can sell your House, but you CAN'T sell your home. Years ago I told my children that their home is where their family is. Weather it be in a tent,

an apartment or
a mobile home,  
where ever your family is.....that is where home is. 
Now, How do we make this house a home?
First thing you do......Add People to share it with you. Preferably ones that you Love/Like. 💗
Maybe even an animal or two.

Pots clanging, dogs barking, doors banging, kids shouting, and even the occasional disagreeing. The sounds of togetherness aren't always soothing, but your house can feel empty without them.
Starting traditions with family and friends and creating memories.
The smell of Good Food Cooking. Weather it's a pot of Jambalaya or a Big pot of veggie soup for Sunday Dinner or just a batch of cookies, the smell of food in a home just naturally smells the place..... full of Love. 


Organizing projects to make the home more homey. I'm all about doing different projects to add that "homey touch" to my home. Weather it's adding things that I make OR things that I redo.....This Keepsake I made from an old window that belonged to my late father in law and it hangs in our bedroom.
 I made this to hang with all of our children's pictures when My "Mr. Handsome" and I got married and united our two families as one. 💞
This Lil Gem was salvaged from my late Father in Laws old shed. One look at this little Lovely and my heart skipped a beat. I cleaned it up, added some filling, mason jars filled with Sunflowers and a string of star lights.
Now this little Beauty was purchased from Tractor Supply. I filled it with some primitive vines and a good ole American flag that belonged to my Daddy. Simple and easy to fix and it's just my style.
 Just about every home needs a nice, quiet, comfy corner to get some serious reading done. This rocker belonged to my Grandfather, Andrew Thibodeaux. I put a lovely quilt from Cracker Barrel to hide the backing that is messed up a bit.
Don't forget about adding some Collections, OR as My "Mr. Handsome" calls them.......Dust Collectors. Really, he doesn't long as he doesn't have to dust them. LOL I LOVE to collect different things that add a special touch to my home.

 All the items that proudly adorns your home tells the story of who you are and where you've been.
What about Family Heirlooms???? I love and Cherish items that I inherited when my parents went home to live with Jesus. My most prized possession is a set of dishes that belonged to my Grandmother, Josephine Thibodeaux. Actually, I have a few sets from her. Not all of them are complete sets, but I cherish them just the same. This is the oldest set. It dates back to the 1920's.
To me this is the prettiest set. It's not a full set, but I like to use it as often as I can.
and this set is just a few pieces, but still just as pretty.
Then, there's the little gadgets that we used before there was electrical ones. The item on the far left is a soda bottle opener on one end and a can opener on the other end. It was used to open cans of Pet milk. The second item is a can opener that you would use to remove the top of a can, such as tomato paste. The weird shaped iron item is what my daddy use to use to make us 6 kids snow cones with. He would freeze a butter container of water and then remove it from the container and use this contraption to scrape the ice with the blade that is underneath and when it was filled with ice shavings, he would flip open the lid and scoop out the ice into a little paper cone cup. It took him a LONG time to scrape enough ice to make snow cones for all of us kids. And last is an ice pick. I can remember as far back as I can my mom-ma and daddy using it to break up chunks of homemade ice to fill the pitchers of homemade root beer that mom-ma made us kids. There was no buying soft drinks in our home. It was homemade root beer or water. Take it....Or.....Leave it, cause there was nothing else.
But, it's mostly about the love of a family and the memories that is made between them. That is what's most important in making a house a home......The love that is shared between all who enter there. 
So, Until next time......Love those that God has put in your life and don't be afraid to tell them, cause you don't know what tomorrow holds. 


  1. ohhh my goodness... your blog speaks straight to my heart!My favorite part of my home other than the ones who fill it are the pieces of things passed down... I love your old windows those are simply beautiful thank you so very much for sharing!

  2. You have a lovely home... Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)

  3. Wonderful post. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage